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格林童话英文版PDF电子书免费下载 Grimm’s Fairy Tales完整版原版原著 作者:雅各

中文名:   格林童话  
作者:   雅各布·格林和威廉·格林 Jacob Grimm & Wilhelm Grimm  
类型:   儿童读物  
可下载格式:   PDF  
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格林童话(Grimm’s Fairy Tales)简介:  

Kindergarten-Grade 5-Joss Ackland reads 14 personal favorites from Grimm, some of which will be new to adults as well as children. Even familiar tales like "Cinderella" and "Little Red Riding Hood" will seem a little unfamiliar as the older versions of the stories are shared. "Cinderella" does not contain a fairy godmother; good fortune comes to the heroine through a kind bird who perches in a hazel bush growing from Cinderella's dead mother's grave. The menacing wolf in "Little Red Riding Hood" is dispatched by the huntsman. However, for listeners who think that the story ended there, Ackland reveals that Little Red Riding Hood ventured into the wood again and was approached by another wolf, equally threatening. Learning their lesson the first time, Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother drown the second wolf. Among the other tales are: "Snow White and Rose Red," "Rapunzel," "The Singing Bone," "Rumpelstiltskin," "Faithful John," "The Nixie of the Mill Pond," "The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage," "The Sleeping Beauty," and four others. The rich style of these stories has an antique quality, and there is no attempt to modernize them. Likewise, there is no attempt to launder the tales to remove the violent justice or merciless cruelty heaped upon the heroes and heroines. The sound quality is excellent, and Ackland is a remarkable reader who uses his expressive voice to bring out the drama inherent in these stories. Listeners seeking authentic versions of these classic tales will find a unique resource in this collection. School media specialists and public librarians will find this an excellent addition to their folktale collections.ANancy L. Chu, Western Illinois University, Macomb